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As quickly and simply as possible, with the least data provided, you can create a profile and start chatting!


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What we focused on

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Modern and clean chat

Nothing stands in the way of the conversation.

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When you want, you can send a picture of yourself too!

Voice messages

Taking the conversation to the next level.


Filter by gender, age and distance who you would talk to!

And these too

It's always better to have more of the good stuff

GIF messages

Can be really funny! 😀


You can report abnormal users.


Name your chat partners! 😉


You see the images blurred until you allow them.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you get to know what likner is.

Do I really not have to upload a picture to my profile?

Do I have to register with my real name?

Can others find out where I live?

What data is needed when creating a profile?

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